Suresh Hathiramani

Suresh H.

Respected international diamantaire and industry expert with a deep knowledge of the industry, GIA trained diamond grader, researcher and writer about all things related to diamonds. His work experience stretches over 45 years and covers three countries in Asia. Environmentalist, nature photographer and an ardent proponent of diamonds as a store of emotional and financial value.

Ekta Hathiramani

Ekta H.

With a background in media and communications from the University of Melbourne, Ekta manages the marketing and PR for Facets as well as the DES (Diamond Exchange of Singapore). She is also a freelance event planner and naturally, loves to throw a party. As a foodie and avid coffee drinker, she enjoys spending her weekends trying out Singapore’s newest cafes and restaurants.

Nikhil Hathiramani

Nikhil H.

A graduate in  International Business from North Eastern University in Boston, this esports team owner is also an expert on certified diamonds. Trained at GIA, New York, with  a Diploma in Diamonds, he has a fresh and unconventional writing style which resonates with today's Gen Y and Z. Nikhil carries with him 5-years of experience in the diamond business. An hour's consultation with this young man can be an enlightening experience. 

Did you know…?


White gold and platinum are amongst the most popular precious metals for setting fine jewellery and diamond engagement rings, so the question we often get asked is –“Which one should I choose?"

Though they may look identical from afar, sharing a polished silvery hue, there are in fact various attributes which set white gold and platinum apart.

To make the right choice, let’s take a look at how the two metals compare in terms of appearance, durability and cost.

Man in deep thought

Taking your relationship to that next step is a huge milestone so of course we understand that you want to get it just right. A lot of the time, first time folks don’t really know how to make that next move, so we’ve provided a few tips to prepare you for one of the biggest emotive purchases you’re probably going to make!

Jewellery Care | Facets Singapore

Our diamonds and jewellery are some of the most treasured and valued belongings representing for most of us, a lifetime of memories and sentiments. It is therefore essential to handle them as you would fragile babies. Knowing how to care for your sparkly pieces requires a bit of effort but this in turn will reap rewards in having their lustre and shine maintained for generations to come. In return for a little care and upkeep, Nature's little treasures will bring you a continuing supply of love and dreams. 

Here are a few of our suggestions on what you can do to look after your jewellery.

What diamond size should I choose?

Earlier last year we sent out a survey to our customers & friends of Facets Singapore with the simple question: “Does Size Matter?” And no, we’re not talking about what you might be thinking…

Diamond size is also referred to as its carat weight (ct.). A one carat diamond is equal to 0.2 grms and approximately 6.4mm in diameter (for a round brilliant). Our respondents were generally a wide demographic mix with the majority being females, aged 25–35 and married or engaged.

Although we had our assumptions, the results were rather revealing. In addition, the quality of verbal responses and comments we received were outstanding. 

Pair of diamond wedding rings

You've decided that you want to take that next big step and it’s time to commit on that ring, but you’re clueless. Fortunately, there are innovative and time tested ways to second-guess your partner’s preferences, making the process of determining their ring style seamless.

Let’s talk you through our tips, which will help you to customize a ring that (hopefully) goes beyond your fiancé-to-be’s expectations!

Putting on a diamond ring on partner's finger

So you’re taking the leap, you’re ready to propose, you’ve found a diamond and are ready to create your bespoke engagement ring. There’s just one problem . . . you don’t know his or her ring size and you want it to be a surprise! How do you navigate this tricky situation without ruining the element of surprise? Here are some useful strategies to help you get unstuck . . .

Diamond Engagement Ring | Facets Singapore

Getting engaged is a truly special moment and buying an engagement ring for that moment is an exciting (yet often daunting) task. With the variety of ring styles and materials available these days, finding the perfect choice for your partner can be a challenge.